Nebula Shift

Mission update:

Building Software Companies to Create High Salary Jobs in Idaho

Nebula Shift's founders, James Hepworth and Faisal Shah, have a track record of building new software businesses and creating high salary jobs in Idaho. James and Faisal co-founded MarkMonitor and First to File. The two software companies combined have created over 100 new jobs in Idaho with an avg. annual salary of $70,000.

James and Faisal are utilizing their experience to help build other software businesses in Idaho through Nebula Shift, a software company incubator. Nebula Shift is a non-profit organization which provides office space, computer and networking equipment and business leader mentoring to start-up software companies selected by Nebula Shift's board. In order to instill the "bootstrapping" values required for a new company to be successful, the office space is in a low-rent location with used furnishings. Nebula Shift companies learn how to spend their pennies wisely.

Even with their frugal approach to building companies, James and Faisal have contributed a substantial investment to establish Nebula Shift. The two founders also invest considerable time to assist the new companies’ growth and direction. Through regular meetings with the companies affiliated with Nebula Shift, James and Faisal provide a platform and structure for growth.

Following an initial time period to establish Nebula Shift's operations, James and Faisal are now focused on increasing the organization’s capabilities to support a larger number of new software companies. For this reason, Nebula Shift is now approaching leading members of Idaho's business and political communities to support the organization with leadership skills and funding.

Idaho's number one issue is jobs. Let's work together to support Nebula Shift and build at least a dozen new software companies in the next five years to create over 200 new high salary jobs in Idaho. | more